This Construction Truck Bed For Kids Comes With A Built-In Bookshelf

Bring more happiness into your kids’ bedroom with this construction truck bed. Young boys are fascinated by trucks the same way girls are with dolls.

This Wooden Potato Planter Has A Built-In Door For Easy Access To Your Spuds

Growing and harvesting homegrown potatoes has never been easier with this wooden potato planter with a door. Because potatoes grow out of their stem, these plants can be grown almost anywhere the stem is not exposed.

IKEA Is Encouraging People To Build Custom Bee Homes For Free

In celebration of World Bee Day, which is held annually on May 20th, IKEA offers a free open source design that allows everyone to build a bee home.


Pakistan Hires Unemployed People To Help Plant Billions Of Trees

Besides the increasing death toll, the ongoing pandemic has also prompted a surge in the number of unemployed workers globally.

These Volkswagen Bus Succulent Planters Have A Hippie Vibe To Them

Most of you probably weren’t even born when the iconic Volkswagen hippy van took over the streets.

Relive the 60’s by adding this Volkswagen Bus Succulent to your interior.

The Rare Sedeveria Pink Ruby Succulent Turns Bright Pink In The Sunlight
Apart from being low-maintenance, succulents are famous for the different colors, shapes and sizes that they come in.
There is a rare variety known as Sedeveria Pink Ruby succulent which changes color under certain conditions.