On Monday this week I started the frustrating experience of attempting to buy a new car.

Not wanting to get into the typical games that are played during negotiations, and out of curiosity, I attempted to do an online purchase.

Going through the online procedures is very difficult and tedious and I am sure not very successful.

But they do offer some excellent prices and discounts for online purchases.

A young man delivered a Jeep Cherokee to my house for a test drive, and he was the person to talk to about online purchases.

And he warned me about the procedures online.

As it ended up instead of doing a lengthy negotiation in a showroom floor, they had me doing a lengthy negotiation over the phone.

So there was not much difference and they were not willing to accept their online price.


The interesting part about that is that it was not a price that I had asked for, but a price that had come up through their system and supposed to be a special online price which also included a trade-in value for my old car.

Going through negotiations with this young man for some time that day ended up proving futile, as I had printed out everything that the online process produced including their numbers, not mine.

They did not want to accept their own figures.

And after several hours of calls going back and forth negotiations proved to be worthless, again because they did not want to accept their own online prices.

In fact I had told them much of the figures that they were giving me were a large number of fees which I know darn well are there way of pumping up the profits on every vehicle sold, as most of those fees were a load of crap.

Towards the end of these negotiations the young man actually said to me it’s obvious that you had purchased a few cars in the past and are familiar with many things that goes on in a dealership, and it does not appear we are going to be able to agree on a price.

I again repeated all’s I want to do is have you honor the price you gave me your online quote; It is a special price for online purchases.

He was not able to do that because of, I am sure, management policies.

Negotiations were then stopped.

I then began researching some other vehicles and started looking at a Dodge journey, not a highly rated vehicle, but it was economical and had a couple of nice features.

Again, the test drive was arranged after I had completed the online procedures to purchase.

The vehicle I was looking at was a brand-new vehicle with less than 100 miles on it, but it was a 2019.


The vehicle had a genuinely nice ride and being a 2019 it had a V-6 in it for adequate power, and the mileage rating was good.

I again had printed out all the documentation from the online process and they again did not want to accept those figures and renegotiate.

Initial salesman was a new salesman, but an older gentleman, who did very little conversing about the vehicle or the negotiations.

Another gentleman had stepped in to do the negotiating which I told him I was not going to do because I had an online price agreement.

He was not willing to accept that price, which again, they had given me a figure for my trade-in which I thought was very fair, and was very close to what the trade value showed on Edmunds.com.

Again, he showed me figures that were about $5000 more for the price of the car, and about 1/3 of the value they had initially quoted online for my trade-in.

I told him I was not going to accept anything less than what the online process had quoted me and was willing to write a check on the spot.

After another lengthy negotiations, which I was trying to avoid in the first place by doing online, I had stuck to the numbers that they had originally given me online.

Finally, another person had come to the table, that’s number three now, and had a print out with the costs that was even higher than what the last gentleman I was talking to was trying to get.


At that point it was obvious they were done negotiating altogether and he was trying to get me out the door.

He did ask what I thought was a fair price and I showed him the print out that I had from the online process and I told him I expected him to honor their own numbers.

These are not my numbers they were theirs that they had given me online.

He said he was not going to do that in addition there are only going to give me about 1/3 of the trade-in value they had originally quoted me online for my car.

He was obviously trying to end the negotiations right there. Which it did.

At that time there was another dealer next-door who did not do the online process.

They give their prices and you go from there the old-fashioned way. They all have a large number of discounts and rebates right now.

At the time that I was in this dealership I noticed that I was the only customer there for a long period of time and new that was a good sign for my cause.

It was a large dealership with a large inventory, and I was dealing with a young man who I thought was highly competent and straightforward.

Negotiations went very well at one point the manager sent me a note with a happy face on it that says congratulations you have won here is your price.

I told them I was not willing to accept that price, they were trying to lure me into something.

Negotiations continued and about another $1500 was taken off the price of the car.

I was very pleased at the results of this note negotiations, though they were claiming they made no money on this deal and the salesman claimed he’ll get no commission, but I knew that was not the case.

I did purchase a 2020 Ford escape, similar pictured above, with many nice features and what I felt was a very fair out the door price.

My earlier attempt to make it less painful to the online process created more grief and showed the underhanded nature of some of these dealers. It is all just a lure to get you in, they are not serious about those online prices.

Just thought I would drop a note about this experience for any future reference that anyone may need in a purchase of a car.