Follow A Sandy Path to The Waterfront
When You Visit Pinnacle Gulch in Northern California

NOR CAL ADVENTURES: With summer quickly sneaking up on us, you may find yourself planning a trip to the beach in the near future.

There are definitely a lot of great beaches to take advantage of here in Northern California, but you’ll want to seek out the Pinnacle Gulch Trail for a particularly beautiful beach spot.

Simply follow the short and easy beach trail straight to the waterfront and enjoy!

Perched right along the Sonoma Coast, beautiful Bodega Bay is loaded with destinations where you can enjoy Northern California’s coastal beauty.

There’s no shortage of ocean views at Bodega Bay but the Pinnacle Gulch Trail will give you access to some of the best.

This short, half-mile path leads you straight down to the water where you can enjoy this lovely hidden beach in all its glory.

The trailhead can be found across the street from a parking area that’s tucked away in the Bodega Harbour golf course community, right off Highway 1.

The unpaved, sandy trail then starts to meander through dense groves of cypress trees and lush foliage.

The trail then emerges from the thickets of trees at the top of Pinnacle Gulch.

From here, you’ll begin a descent downhill, switchbacking across the sloping hillsides in between glimpses of the ocean in the distance.

After just over half a mile, the trail will completely drop down to the beach.

Tucked away from the crowds, the quarter-mile beach is delightfully tranquil—perfect for a quiet stroll among the ocean waves.

The scenery at this little beach is nothing short of amazing, with views reaching all the way from Tomales Bay to Bodega Head.

Keep an eye out for the iconic Pinnacle Rock which can be seen towering over the water just off the coast.

Make an effort to explore some of the gorgeous Sonoma Coast this summer.

The Pinnacle Gulch Trail is a fantastic place to start, so check out this short and sweet beach trail soon.

Address: 20600 Mockingbird Dr, Bodega Bay, CA 94923, USA