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At the end of every video call meeting, whether it’s a WebEx with colleagues, or a Zoom catch up with friends, I find myself waving goodbye.

And everyone else is waving too.

A cursory search of Twitter found I wasn’t alone.

“Why do I feel compelled to WAVE at the end of Zoom calls? I have literally never walked out of a meeting room WAVING,” tweeted one person, garnering over 16,000 likes.

“I CANNOT STOP WAVING WHEN I END A ZOOM CALL SOMEONE HELP ME,” said another. One Twitter user even wrote a song about it.


So, why did we all start waving?

Experts have several explanations. As video calling becomes a default way of communicating during the pandemic, people adjust and adapt their behaviors accordingly — plus they’re craving more of a human connection.

“This personal touch is missing,” said Laura Dudley, an associate clinical professor at Northeastern University and expert in behavior analysis and body language.

“We’re hungering for that human interaction, that friendliness, so we’re starting to do things like waving to say goodbye. It feels a little nicer than just clicking off.”

In person, there are subtle (and not-so-subtle) social cues, such as…….