Dawgs Blog review of laser 301

As most of you know on occasion I do reviews of products or situations that I come across in my daily activities.

Being a technology and gadget freak I am constantly looking at things online.

Above is a picture that caught my attention of laser that is advertised to do more than just be a laser pointer.

Here are some of the pictures that were used in the advertisement of this laser pointer

I put them in a slideshow for easier review.

Note the look and design in those pictures

and the adjustable focus and heat dissipation features.

If you look at the last picture it shows several different tips to change the shape of the laser on the end where it was being displayed when lit,

It also shows two batteries, a charger, and a carrying case to enclose all above within.

When I placed the order through Annitamall, an online retailer, my credit card was immediately billed.

I received an order confirmation in the email.


The next day I received an email saying that the order has been shipped and they gave me a USPS tracking number.

For three weeks when I ran the tracking number is stated that USPS was still waiting for delivery from the supplier, so it had not been shipped.

The tracking number also revealed that the package was being shipped out of Hawthorne California

Then one day the tracking number stated that it been canceled so I contacted Annitamall

They were immediately responsive and stated they had re-sent the product and reissued another tracking number.

This time the tracking number revealed is being shipped out of Los Angeles California.

About 10 days later I did in fact receive the package with a laser pointer that was contained inside a small bubble wrap bag.

Upon opening the package this is what inside in its entirety:

The picture on the top is how the laser pointer came out of the bubble wrap package.

Again this is the entirety of what was inside the package.

The picture on the top shows the laser pointer device with a piece that’s unscrewed from the bottom and it contained no battery,

no assortment of lenses that went on the top four different figures,

no battery charger,

and no carrying case.

Also, of note, as I said, this is exactly how it came out of the package,

which also means there was no instructions or directions, or owner’s manual.

So obviously for me to make this work I had to buy batteries as AA batteries did not work,

AAA batteries did not work, no other known battery to me did work.

Also note there was a key in the bottom of the device which I initially had no idea its purpose,

but I guessed it was a safety device to lock it out so it does not accidentally come on in your pocket or such.

I did contact Annitamall again,

I gave a rundown of the situation including the shipping issues, and the product issues is not being as advertised.

I received no response in the email that I sent to the provider.

A little research showed what kind of battery that it would take so batteries were purchased, and a charger was purchased

I also noted that I would be making a public review of the product on Dawgs Blog, as I have been known to do an occasion.

On the same advertisement there were also some pictures of the capabilities of the laser, note pictures below:

It’s advertised to have a laser so hot it will pop balloons, start fires, light matches, and burn into material for etching and/or resizing.

Once I received the batteries, I was not able to replicate any of those things that it advertises.

And as a laser pointer, for presentations, I think it would work adequately at best.

I did send Annitamall another email to advise them that I feel they are using false advertising practices and the results of my testing.

I gave them the opportunity to make it right as is obviously not what I ordered,

If they were okay with the situation as it stood right now so be it would be noted on Dawgs Blog.

No response was ever received from Annitamall,

so it appears that they are satisfied with the review that I had showed them that I would be posting on my website.

I am not claiming that any other vendor has these types of ethics,

but it appears this particular vendor does not seem too concerned about customer service.

It is entirely possible that the order could have been mixed up during that time when the shipping was extremely delayed.

Or the wrong product was sent and/or a mistake was made somewhere along the line.

Just for information if anybody becomes interested in this type of product.