This Century-Old Hotel In Nevada Is One Of The Weirdest Places You’ll Ever Spend The Night

One of the few hostels in Nevada is also one of the weirdest places you’ll ever spend the night.

Located in Reno, this place is a haven for those of us who love to embrace the bizarre side of Nevada—specifically Burner culture.

Not only that, but the weird hostel is located in a nearly century old building that is like a little slice of Nevada history in itself.

The next time you visit Reno, skip the boring ol’ casino hotel. Instead, spend the night in the wackiest little hostel in the Silver State.

The Morris Burner Hostel has only been in business since 2013, but since then it’s proven itself to be a beloved gem in the community.

The hostel is located in a historic hotel situated right off of the Lincoln Highway.

It was built back in 1928, making this both a weird AND historic spot to spend the night.

The four-story hotel was designed with a specific counterculture of people in mind.

The iconic Burning Man Festival may take place just once a year, but Burners are always looking for a place to dwell in art, culture, and community.

That’s where this hostel comes in.

The owner of the hostel, Jim Gibson, modeled the place after specific experiences at Burning Man.

How amazing is that?

Therefore, each room has a unique theme that somehow pertains to the epic festival, such as “Extra Terrestrial” and “Sparkle Pony”.

From the moment you step through the doors, you’ll come to the realization that this place is much more than a hostel.

It’s a gathering place for like-minded artists and devoted Burners to come together and create beautiful art.

The place is bursting with unique pieces of art and the hostel even houses 15-18 full-time artist residents.

The hostel also boasts a pretty unique membership system that just speaks to its community values.

The hostel itself is members only, and visitors are required to make a one-time contribution of $20.

This small investment allows you a 30-day window to book a room at the hostel,

or it can go towards the annual membership cost of $50.

It’s evident how important the concept of community is at the hostel.

This is what makes staying at the Burner Hostel a far different experience than staying at a hotel.

You’ll find that the other visitors aren’t just fellow hostel guests, but friends and neighbors.

Located in Midtown Reno, the location is absolutely perfect for a hostel like this.

Bustling with tons of restaurants, art galleries, and culture,

the Burner Hostel fits right into this artsy little neighborhood.

Here at the Morris Burner Hostel, it’s Burning Man all day, every day.

Even if you’re not a Burner, you’re bound to fall in love with this tight-knit scene and form some unique connections.

For more information, visit their website here.