By Marty Carlson


Anyone that has been following Dawgs Blog the last 4 ½ years is familiar with the Frank Carson et al. case in Stanislaus Superior Court.

I attended almost every day of court from the preliminary hearing on through to the end of the trial,

That included motion hearings and jury selection.

Every day of court was documented on Dawgs Blog,

in written and podcast form, by me, Tom Jensen, and Warren Yates.

The situation was at eight people were accused of killing a tweaker and scrapper, Korey Kauffman.

Accused of murder and conspiracy was:

Frank Carson,

Baljit Atwal,

Daljit Atwal,

Georgia Carson,

Christine DeFilippo,

CHP officer Edward Quentanar,

CHP officer Scott McFarlane,

CHP officer Walter Wells.

All the above listed people were either not held to answer in preliminary hearing or charges dropped or acquitted at trial.


Again I did not miss any days of these hearings and trial,

I do not feel there was any evidence whatsoever to even arrest these people on let alone charge.

There was no forensic evidence, like DNA, fingerprints, cadaver dogs did not alert on any property,

Including where the body was supposed be buried for 27 days.

The investigation was started by the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office on April 2, 2012.

When Kirk Bunch received a call from a Turlock Police Department officer about a missing person supposedly headed to the Frank Carson property.

Technically it was a Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department case,

But was handled by the District Attorney’s Office investigators and a task force that was eventually formed.

The family of the missing person insisted at the time and on the stand in court,

That the date the missing person was on March 29, 2012.

The investigators insisted he went missing on March 30, 2012. That is the only way they could fit it into their timeline.

At this time, it was unknown where in fact Korey Kauffman was, as they had no information to his location.

In August 2013 a hunter up in Mariposa County had discovered some remains that were eventually identified as a missing person Korey Kauffman.

Mariposa County detective Shiree Hendrix was the one that did the recovery on the body.

This created tremendous issues with the case with the District Attorney’s Office in Stanislaus County.

Those issues were:

  1. Detective Hendrix had testified in the preliminary hearing and in the trial as to activities at the scene of the crime stating it was just another body and did not take it seriously.
  2. Detective Hendrix did not mark off the area, to secure the area, did not leave an officer at scene to keep it secured when she left.

  3. Detective Hendrix did not take adequate photos and/or video of the scene and where items were located, like a unfired bullet, and the clothes.

  4. Detective Hendrix collected all the evidence at the scene, did not separately bag and tag the evidence, she just threw all items into one paper bag.

  5. All the evidence in the paper bag thrown in together created a cross-contamination of the evidence, where the victim’s DNA ended up on that unfired bullet.

  6. No other usable DNA remained on that bullet other than the victims.

  7. Detective Hendrix had to re-create the scene from memory when Stanislaus County district attorney investigators were finally contacted in regards to the remains.

  8. Detective Hendrix stated that when she saw the skull of the remains, she said it appeared to be the missing person Korey Kauffman that she had seen on the flyer.

  9. Detective Hendrix was very unsure of herself, and both the preliminary hearing and the trial, and during both she seemed very confused on the stand and became very emotional at times. She became so emotional that they had to stop the hearing for her to compose herself.


Kauffman’s remains were located off of bull Pine Road, which I believe was just a fire access road,

And just by chance it was with 100 yards of a campground used by some people that had affiliations and possible issues with Korey Kauffman.

Korey Kauffman’s remains also were found in the area where there was a marijuana grow.

That grow was run by some of the same people that had affiliations and a possible issues with Korey Kauffman.

Korey Kauffman was supposed to have ripped off tools from a shop of one of those people.

Another person involved in that burglary was taken off the street and beaten.

The Stanislaus District Attorney’s Office theory on the case was that the body will had been buried on the property at a liquor store of one of the defendants for a period of 27 days.

They claim the body had been dug up again loaded up in one of the defendant’s truck, in the middle of the night, and arbitrarily driven to Mariposa County.

There was no plan on where to take the body they just drove until they got into the mountains and dump him on the side of the road in a ravine.

In it was just a coincidence that was within 100 yards of these related people’s campground and marijuana growth.

Rural areas like Mariposa County are well known for their drug labs and related activities.

They are also well known for their large number of marijuana grows due to lack of law enforcement in those areas,

So it makes it easy for them to do their business.

According to testimony the last person to see Korey Kauffman alive, had been picked up in Escalon, after their car had broken down.

And he had made the statements to that person that picked them up that they had just gotten rid of a body.

Their car was covered in mud and extremely dirty.

My personal opinion is that it was no coincidence that that body ended up at the location that it did.

There were many other suspects that the District Attorney’s Office did not look at.

I felt was an agenda investigation on Frank Carson.

And the inferior work that was done at the crime scene in Mariposa County,

Had probably destroyed enough evidence to never gain a conviction on anybody that was actually involved in the missing person.

Also note no cause of death was ever determined by the pathologist,

In fact the pathologist was never called by the District Attorney’s Office for that reason.

But he was called by the defense the state he had no idea what Korey Kaufman died of.

In the night that he disappeared, family members had testified that they had purchased drugs together with Korey on the 29th when he disappeared.

Korey Kauffman headstone reads date of death 3/29/2012

Also of note there was a former deputy district attorney from Mariposa County, now working in the Los Angeles area,

Felt it necessary to let the District Attorney’s Office and Stanislaus County no about that heated conversation that she had had with Frank Carson up near the courthouse in Mariposa County.

But there was no confirmation of dates situations or anything else. Nor was law enforcement called to get involved.

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In my next report I will be moving forward to present day.

And recent events that have occurred that included false rape charges and the murder of an attorney.