By Marty Carlson


On November 13, 2015, it was a Friday the 13th,

Jerry Cox of Mariposa County never had a second thought or superstition about Friday the 13th, until maybe now.

Jerry Cox had met a woman online on a dating site called,

It is just what it says a dating site for farmers.

That woman’s name was Ashley Harris and another local woman by the name of Darlene Windham were at his residence,

Which at some point they were asked to leave.

Apparently, Mr. Cox did not feel comfortable with them being in his house.

The two women, Ashley Harris and Darlene Windham, had gone to a local bar to drink some alcohol before going to the CHP office on Highway 49.

Ashley Harris related to a CHP officer that she had been held captive and raped by Cox. She also stated that she had met him on

She also noted that she lived outside the county and was invited to the ranch by Cox and only known him for a short time.

Apparently, officer Casey had felt something was just not adding up.

When asked, she denied that she had been drinking, and he noted that she appeared to have makeup over her left eye that tried to make it look like a bruise.

Darlene Windham was in the room and corrected Ms. Harris’s statement about drinking, saying they had.

The officer began to suspect Harris’s statements may not be truthful and asked to look at her cell phone to which she agreed.

After reading her text message communications between herself and Mr. Cox that she may not be a victim at all but a heart broken lover who,

Was a bit intoxicated, angry and bent on revenge.

Apparently the text messages made no mention of a kidnapping or rape, but did ask when Mr. Cox was returning back to the house.

And that was a time where she was allegedly being assaulted but apparently he was not even home at the time.

She also noted in a text that she wanted him to come back to the ranch and that she missed him.

As typical in these cases the California Highway Patrol, unless it occurs on state property, does not investigate these types of crimes.


This case was turned over to the Mariposa County Sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Deputy Atkinson arrived at the CHP location in the late afternoon and was debriefed by CHP officer Casey.

Deputy Atkinson and the victim went to a private room for an interview.

Ashley Harris stated that on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Cox had forcibly raped her at his home,

And held her captive until she had escaped that afternoon on Friday the 13th.

Atkinson described Ashley as being visibly emotional, and decided the interview should continue at a different location due to confidentiality reasons,

And asked Ms. Harris if she would leave from the CHP office and follow him to the Sheriff’s office.

It was unknown if Deputy Atkinson was aware at this point that she had been drinking and may not be up to driving.

In addition, he did not take an alleged victim of rape to the hospital to do a rape kit, but only to the sheriff department.

Once they arrive at the sheriff department, Ms. Harris is taken to an interview room where Detective Wesley Smith interviews her in the presence of the victims advocate.

Harris who was known on dating site as “farmgirl1061985″ saying that she had met Cox who is known as ” bronxious”.

After texting and messaging then phone calls for about three-week period. They made arrangements to have Harris visit Cox”s ranch.

She detailed how she drank two beers and went to bed in the room provided for her.

After some time she claims Cox entered her room,

grabbed her by the throat with one hand and told her to “shut the fuck up”,

She said he even placed a pillow over her face and slapped her repeatedly before raping her violently.

On Friday, November 13, 2015 Cox was arrested and put in jail on a $500,000 bond,

he was accused of 15 felonies.


In the small Mariposa community, his name and mug shot made the rounds in the media,

Those stories included a story about a crazy white farmer building a cave for kidnapping women to rape them.

Jerry Cox was making media statements, saying that they had caught police acting in bad faith and withholding and destroying exculpatory evidence.

The entire episode destroyed his livelihood and his reputation. He even has been receiving death threats ever since the fake charges were put against him.

Cox who has an MBA in business, had started his first enterprise in Mariposa County when he bought property,

He named it Bison Creek Ranch, it was for himself and his animals.

Jerry Cox had built all the buildings on the land with his own hands.

However, it did take almost 2 years before the district attorney agreed to drop the charges, which are rare in a case where 15 felonies are charged.

The rape case, many local people felt that the victim was not credible all along. And that was very clear with the first officer that she had talked to.

Since the dismissal many requests have been made to pursue charges against the woman that that has not happened up to this point.

Also during this time a receivership of Mr. Cox’s property was put in place by Mariposa County. In court hearings were initially not going in his favor.

There were citing code violations involving the buildings and the road.

The property receiver Mark Adams in the California receivership group had initiated a safety code case against Cox,

At his 450 acres of property in Mariposa County.

Cox and his attorney believe the action was designed to retaliate against Cox for exposing the corruption of the county,

And the Sheriff’s office involvement in the false rape case.

The district attorney who had brought the action against Cox has already resigned in disgrace.

But some people claim that Mr. Cox was running an illegal business at his ranch where guests were coming and going.

Some say he was not adhering to the laws that govern such a business.

He has also had other issues in the past where he was charge for illegally selling firewood.

In some question why he would bring a woman to his house after meeting her online after such a short period.

But that is what they do on dating sites, the whole idea is to meet people.


Jerry Cox had acquired the services of attorney Mark Angelucci, who is based out of Santa Barbara.

Mr. Angelucci was well known for his work on behalf of men and the national coalition for met.

He advocated for fair treatment in family courts equal access to him domestic violence resources.

He also recently won a significant victory in federal court finding that all the male draft policies in the United States were unconstitutional.

Jerry Cox and stated that they had had some significant movement forward in his case against Mariposa County with this attorney.

And he was feeling positive about how things were going as Angelucci has started a civil rights action alleging racketeering and conspiracy,

Also to deprive Jerry Cox of his civil liberties and constitutional rights.

On Saturday, July 11, 2020 attorney Mark Angelucci, 52 years old, responded to a knock at his door at his home in Crestline California,

Where somebody claimed they had a delivery that required signature. Read San Bernadino press release HERE

Upon coming to the door Mr. Angelucci was brutally gunned down. Mr. Angelucci did not survive his wounds.

Even more interesting: The shooter of the judges son and husband in New Jersey is identified as a Men’s Rights attorney Roy Den Hollander.

according to some internet chatter Hollander and Angelucci were collaborating on some mens rights cases in the draft process, among other issues.

And the method used was eerily similar with the pretend delivery of a package.


By no means do I want to suggest Mariposa County had anything to do with the brutal killing of Mr. Angelucci.

I am only pointing out with a history that I am aware of,

But there is a strange coincidence here that I noted in prior reports.

I talked to a lot of people I know getting as much background as I could on this Mariposa County situation.

Some of it speaks for itself like the videos of sheriff Paige.

But I did talk to a retired FBI agent, Jeff Rinek,

Who does not have extensive history or involvement with Mariposa County,

But did do the investigation and interview in the Carey Stayner case. The gentleman that kidnapped the three tourists in Mariposa County.

Former agent Rinek stated that during the time he was doing the Stayner investigation,

He got to know then Sgt. Doug Bennewies, who is now the current sheriff in Mariposa County.


Former agent Jeff Rinek is someone whose opinion I respect.

I had some dealings with him involving the speed freak killers.

In fact, he had interviewed on Dawgs Blog podcast in the past.

He had taken upon himself after his retirement to assist the families that were in need of help in that case.

Along with Rob Dick and Leonard Padilla.

And I am willing to accept his representation of the current sheriff for Mariposa County as being a reputable guy.