You still have to get your kids vaccinated even if their California school goes online


Most California kids will kick off the 2020-2021 academic year with distance learning due to the coronavirus,

But the state’s strict vaccination laws still require students be up-to-date on their shots before starting class.

The California Legislature in recent years has passed some of the tightest vaccine mandates in the country,

To increase the immunization rates in schools.

In 2015, lawmakers approved Senate Bill 277 to exclude personal beliefs from the list of reasons parents can skip vaccinating their children.

Last year, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed follow-up measure Senate Bill 276 ,

To increase oversight of doctors who issue five or more medical exemptions in a single year ,

After clusters of unvaccinated children in certain schools were tied to a handful of physicians.

Before students are granted admission, schools are required to review incoming childcare,

Transitional kindergarten, kindergarten and 7th grade vaccine records.

Despite the pandemic forcing California kids behind a screen at home for at least the start of the year,

State Sen. Richard Pan, the Sacramento Democrat who wrote both vaccine laws, said the regulations still stand.

The Department of Public Health also confirmed that immunization requirements for school haven’t changed.

“In order to enroll in school, the law is pretty clear,” Pan said. “Otherwise you’re not enrolled, and that’s that.”

Even online or home schooling.