This Secluded Lagoon In Northern California

Might Just Be Your New Favorite Swimming Spot

Everybody knows that the best swimming spots in Northern California are the ones that require a little effort to find.

The secluded lagoon featured here proves that point exactly.

Tucked away beside the South Fork of the Yuba River, this little gem is a paradise.

Boasting crystal clear water, giant rocks that are perfect for jumping from,

Breathtaking scenery, this place is bound to become your new favorite swimming destination.

Located just north of Nevada City is a wonderful little swimming hole along the Yuba River known as Lemke’s Lagoon.

It can be difficult to locate, but you’ll be so happy you made the effort. This place is truly a hidden gem.

The easiest way to get to the lagoon is via Hoyt’s Trail.

You’ll find the trailhead where Highway 49 crosses the South Yuba River, approximately 35 miles north of Interstate 80.


Hoyt’s Trail is an easygoing trail that follows the river.

The trail is only about a mile long and takes you to a more well-known swimming hole.

However, if you keep trekking for about a half mile then you’ll eventually end up at the pristine Lemke’s Lagoon.

The lagoon is easy to recognize once you spot it. The pool can be found in an incredibly smooth bowl of granite.

It’s common for people to have the entire pool to themselves, but keep in mind that it’s a clothing option area.

The lagoon is surrounded by these massive boulders.

The hike down to the pool can be tricky because the rocks are so smooth, so proceed with caution.

Once you make it down to the water, you’ll find that the pool is nice and deep.

The water temperature is excellent for lounging in on a hot day—the perfect reward after completing the brief hike.

Some of the surrounding cliffs are up to 25 to 30 feet high and are perfect for diving into the pool from.

Thrill-seekers will definitely have a blast as they fling themselves into the air and plunge into the refreshing lagoon water below.

You’ll find shallower pools surrounding the main pool that are great for sitting and soaking up the sun.

This place definitely beats a crowded beach any day!


The water is perfect, the scenery is stunning, and the best part?

It’s quiet.

For a secluded swimming excursion, be sure to check out Lemke’s Lagoon. It may just become your new favorite summer spot!

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