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One Of The Biggest Meteor Showers Of The Year Will Be Visible In Nevada In August


This summer has been an exciting time for night sky observers.

Just last month we observed the recently-discovered Comet NEOWISE grace our night skies,

And this month also has something exciting in store—the Perseid meteor shower!

One of the most beloved meteor showers, seeing this epic display of soaring meteors should definitely be on your to-do list.

Here’s all you need to know about catching one of the brightest meteor showers of the year.

The annual Perseid meteor shower is always a highly-anticipated event among night sky observers.

Considered one of the year’s best and brightest showers, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for!

The Perseid meteor shower comes around every year between July 17 and August 24.

This year, the shower’s peak is expected to take place on the night between August 11 and 12, so mark your calendars.

The Nevada night sky is notably dark, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble spotting the Perseids as they blaze across the sky.

There’s a chance that the moon’s brightness may impede viewing conditions,

But many Perseids tend to be super bright and can easily overcome the moonlight.

Catching a meteor shower at just the right time can be tricky. For this year’s shower,


Experts suggest watching before moonrise for peak viewing conditions.

Here in the northerly latitudes, meteors can be spotted even before midnight and usually around mid-to-late evening.

The shower’s peak may be considered the best time to watch, but it’s definitely not the only time.

The Perseids are expected to stick around for about ten days after their mid-August peak,

Although they’ll be spotted in fewer numbers as time goes by.

As always, you don’t need anything but your own two eyes for viewing meteors.

For the best viewing experience, seek out an especially dark area where you can have an unobstructed, wide-open view of the night sky.

The year’s brightest meteor shower won’t be here for long,

So make it your mission to see the Perseids before they leave our night sky once again. Trust us, they are worth the wait!

Are you excited for this month’s Perseid meteor shower?

There are tons of great spots in Nevada where you should be able to view the meteor shower, like the Tonopah stargazing park!

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