On August 8, 2020 during one of Frank Carson regular visits to dialysis,

He suffered a heart attack was hospitalized for several days on a ventilator.

He was unable to recover and removed from life support.

I am sad to report Frank Carson has passed away.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.


  1. Juror 11

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family & friends. Rest in peace Mr. Carson

  2. The worst news ever. God bless him and family. Keep him in your prayers.

  3. Very sad Frank Carson was one of the nicest Attorneys I have ever met. Prayers for his family and friends

  4. I am so very sorry. Prayers to family and friends. Happy he lived long enough to be vindicated

  5. Condolences to his family, extended family, colleagues, and friends.

  6. cantooread – Angry reader still talking and reading for challenge and hope and fellowship in books and thoughts.

    justice still has not been served and total vindication requires charges and prosecution of all those who abused the authority of public office to try to destroy Frank Carson

  7. Wow, I came on here to see if any updates on Frank and am so shocked and saddened to learn he passed away! My sincere sympathies to his wife, Georgia, mother, Vallie Carson, and stepdaughter, Christine. You have all been put through so much at the hands of such an outrageous gang of unethical, dishonorable, and downright corruption from the DA’s office in Stan County! So sorry that I wont be able to meet him in person now! Kinda felt I knew him through friends he represented and his high profile cases up to this case and following the case here on the blog from beginning to end. I hope this case is broadcast to the public someday soon far more than how much “Prominent Modesto Attorney Arrested.” was plastered in news media and legal publications “ People really need to know this type of stuff is happening and could happen to any one of us and begin to work to make some changes to keep our elected officials accountable along with those who have people’s lives in their hands.

    There isn’t any amount of money that can give back all that was wrongfully taken in this matter, but there is no doubt that the stress placed upon him during this outrageously vindictive, concocted case along with improper administration of medication while he was incarcerated so long caused his untimely passing. Frank’s vital energy was strong and fierce when he was arrested; however, I noted that upon his release during the preliminary hearing, he had lost more than a bit of weight. He looked physically, mentally and emotionally drained of energy and still faced a long battle ahead since it was yet TBD if the case would go to trial. I hoped Frank would begin to heal being released from jail and again when he was acquitted of all charges except the one remaining charge from the DA election form that No one else had ever been charged with, showing how much of a vendetta they had against him.

    I would love to meet Georgia and Christine some day and Frank’s mom. I do hope you all are doing as well as can be expected.

    RIP Frank!

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