The Most Nevada Town Ever

And Why You Need To Visit

There are a lot of different aspects that make Nevada such a great place to live.

From fascinating history to incredible landscapes, and not to mention all of the quirky attractions, there’s a lot to love about Nevada.

If you’re looking for a town that perfectly encapsulates the “Nevada experience”, then you’ll find it at this amazing little town.

Get ready for an adventure that has something to offer everyone, because this Nevada town sure has a lot going for it.

Once you visit Tonopah, you’ll understand why we’ve labeled it as the “most Nevada town ever”.

This rustic little town is located at the junction of U.S. Routes 6 and 95, in between Las Vegas and Reno.

If you haven’t visited yet, make it a priority on your next adventure.


Many of Nevada’s towns still look like places that are straight out of the Wild West, and Tonopah is no different.

Walking down the main street, you get the feeling that this town has a long and fascinating history.

Tonopah started the same way the majority of Nevada’s towns began—with the strike of silver.

The town hasn’t let this fact become forgotten. In fact,

You can visit the Tonopah Historic Mining Park and explore more than 100 acres of incredible mining history including mine shafts, caves, buildings, and more.

It’s places like this that jump-started Nevada as a state.

Nevada is home to an abundance of historic structures, but the Mitzpah Hotel is by far one of the coolest.

This beautiful hotel has been the town’s crown jewel since 1907.

Spend the night in the Mitzpah for a real taste of Nevada history.

Here in Nevada, we love a good ghost story. Well, Tonopah has plenty of those.

The Old Tonopah Cemetery is another point of interest in the town and it’s definitely one of the most fascinating cemeteries in the state.

Stroll through the cemetery and peruse the 300 graves of Nevada’s earliest residents.

Our state is no stranger to the weird, the creepy, and the downright bizarre.

You’ll find some of that weirdness right here in Tonopah with a visit to the infamous Clown Motel.

Stay the night if you dare, but this is definitely one of the oddest attractions Nevada has to offer.

A visit to any small town isn’t complete without a stop at the local watering hole.

Serving up delicious barbecue and legendary brews,

Tonopah Brewing Company encompasses everything we love about small town eats!

Finanly, if there’s one thing we love about Nevada, it’s the remoteness.

Being able to look up at the sky at night and see millions of stars twinkling back at you is definitely something we don’t take for granted.

Tonopah is notable for offering up some of the best stargazing in the state. It really doesn’t get more Nevada than this.

Have you visited Tonopah? This place is truly the most Nevada town ever!

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