Anti-government activist Ammon Bundy

Arrested after refusing to leave Idaho Capitol

Ammon Bundy, known for leading an armed militia that took over an Oregon wildlife preserve protesting federal land policies in 2016,

Was arrested at the Idaho Capitol on Tuesday after refusing to leave a hearing room, according to media reports.

Bundy was arrested around 5 p.m. after attending a session on a civil liability bill earlier in the day that was disrupted by protesters, the Idaho Press reported.

The hearing was long over and lawmakers had adjourned for the day.

Before his arrest, he told the news outlet he was upset about “citizen journalists” being removed from the proceedings and sat at the press desk in an apparent form of protest.

“I’m going to sit right here,” he reportedly said.

Bundy refused to stand when approached by authorities, so he was handcuffed to a chair and led out of the building.

Two other people also were reportedly removed. All three face misdemeanor charges for trespassing.

During the meeting, Republican Rep. Greg Chaney directed two people sitting in an area reserved for credentialed members of the media to leave those seats.

Press credentials are controlled by the Capitol Correspondents Association.

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