iOS 14 transforms your iPhone home screen: How you’ll use it differently now

Widgets, App Library and App Clips bring big changes to your iPhone home screen. Here’s how you’ll use the new features.

Big changes are coming to your iPhone home screen in iOS 14.

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Your iPhone ($699 at Amazon) home screen has looked and worked pretty much the same way for the last 13 years,

But all that’s set to change now that Apple has released iOS 14.

After you install iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 on a compatible iPhone or iPad,

you’ll have more options and features to personalize your home screen than you’ve ever had with iOS before.

Taking cues from core features Android has had for years, Apple has focused much of the iOS 14 update on making the home screen simpler to organize,

With more customization options, smarter suggestions and leaner, faster app experiences.

The end result is a mobile operating system that does more to get out of your way,

giving you faster, more direct access to the information, products and services you use.

We’re going to take a look at the biggest new home screen layout and organization features available in the new operating system,

As well as how you’ll use them after you install iOS 14 on your device. (If you want to help ensure a smooth update, be sure to take care of these housekeeping tasks before starting the installation.)


App Library automatically sorts all your iPhone apps into categories and places the most recently and frequently used apps at the top.


iOS 14 can help you clear your home screen clutter

Unless you stay on top of it, after a while, apps you download start piling up and eventually your home screen begins to sprawl

. App Library cleans that mess up for you — in a roundabout way.

What it is: A home screen page one flick beyond your last home screen page.

App Library lists all of your apps in smartly curated category folders that display the most recently or frequently used apps at the top and all your other apps by type.

How you’ll use it: App Library doesn’t reorganize your home screens for you.

But it does organize all your apps in a new view so you can quickly find and open them without swiping through page on page.

You can also search or scroll by app name.