This Nevada Canyon Is The Coolest Thing You’ll Ever See For Free

Some of the best attractions worth seeing in Nevada are the extraordinary natural wonders that don’t cost a thing to visit.

Specifically, Sloan Canyon is a vastly underrated destination in our state that every Nevadan should make an effort to see at some point.

It may not have the same recognition as other famous canyons in our state,

But this place is simply stunning and it’s by far one of the coolest natural wonders in the West.

Treat yourself to a spectacular outdoor adventure and be sure to add this to your itinerary.

Nevada is home to some of the most remarkable landscapes in the country, and Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area is one of them.

Comprised of 48,438 acres, this area is easily one of the most notable destinations in the state and every Nevadan should see it for themselves.

It’s actually surprising that Sloan Canyon isn’t more well-known as one of our state’s greatest landscapes.

After all, it’s much more than a tranquil destination to lose yourself for a few hours. It’s a scenic and geologic wonder.

Sloan Canyon is located on the border of the Las Vegas Valley, situated right along Henderson’s southern edge.

Boasting gigantic volcanic peaks and pristine canyon scenery, the pure beauty of the place will floor you upon arrival.

The canyon’s most notable feature is the Sloan Canyon Petroglyph Site which is home to more than 300 rock art panels,

with 1,700 individual design elements. Seeing this ancient rock art is reason enough to plan a visit to the canyon.

The canyon is downright covered in petroglyphs, and you’ll soon understand why it’s considered one of southern Nevada’s most premier rock art sites.

You could gaze in awe at these ancient works of art for hours, but just remember not to touch them.


Entering this incredible landscape truly feels like stepping into a different world.

There are no entrance fees to enjoy the epic beauty that resides in Sloan Canyon

and there is a plethora of hiking trails that are perfect for exploring it.

You may just find that you can’t bring yourself to leave this magnificent canyon.

Keep in mind that overnight camping is permitted only in the North McCullough Wilderness Area,

which is located in the southeastern portion of the park.

This is one of those destinations that should be on every Nevadan’s bucket list.

Just remember that this is a conservation area, so any tampering with artifacts, rocks, wildlife, or plants is strictly prohibited.

Take advantage of this great natural wonder soon and see it for yourself!

Take advantage of this great natural wonder soon and see it for yourself

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