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There’s A Covered Bridge Trail In Northern California And It’s Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of

Northern California is known for its scenic beauty, but there’s not much that can top a covered bridge

when it comes to the juxtaposition of man made creations and nature.

Luckily for us Northern Californians,

we have several idyllic covered bridges in our

own region to go explore and take photos of.

To access this customizable road trip to these incredible covered bridges, click here.

Buckle up and enjoy this road trip like no other!

1. Felton Covered Bridge

Built in 1892, the bridge employs a brown truss structural system

and is approximately 80 feet long.

The bridge became a California Historical Landmark in 1957,

was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973,

and had a major restoration in 1987 after being damaged in storms in the winter of 1982.

Park with covered bridge in the background It is considered to be the tallest covered bridge in the United States,

and was the main entry point for Felton for 45 years.

It’s now the site of a fun park (note the play structure in this image.)

2. Knights Ferry Covered Bridge


This is the longest covered bridge west of the Mississippi and was built in 1862

after a flood destroyed the original bridge that was built here in 1952.

The new covered bridge was built at a higher level than the previous one,

and it still stands today.

The bridge was used for car traffic until it was closed to prevent damage in 1985.

3. Freeman’s Crossing/ Oregon Creek Covered Bridge

This historic bridge spans the middle fork of the Yuba River.

The exact date it was constructed is actually disputed,

but the general consensus was that it was sometime

between 1860 and 1862 by Tom Freeman.

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975

and sadly, features lots of graffiti inside.

4. Bridgeport Covered Bridge

This pedestrian crossing over the Yuba River was built in 1862.

It was closed to vehicles in 1972 and to foot traffic in 2011 due to deferred maintenance.

The bridge was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1971,

and it is also a California Registered Historical Landmark No. 390.

5. Honey Run Covered Bridge

Located about halfway between Chico and Paradise,

this quaint little bridge was was originally built in 1886 by

the American Bridge & Building Company of San Francisco,

and was opened to the public on January 3. 1887.

In 1965, a truck crashed into the bridge, making it impassable for cars.

A new steel bridge was built upstream, and now this scenic spot

is more frequented by photographers on foot than cars.

6. Berta’s Ranch Covered Bridge, Humboldt County

This 52′ long historic covered bridge was built in 1936 and is located across the Elk River south of Eureka.


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