There’s No Restaurant In The World Like This One In Nevada

Most people dread the idea of a night in the slammer.

At Cell Block Steakhouse in Ely, dinner behind bars means fine dining. Patrons at this unique Nevada restaurant, located inside Jailhouse Motel & Casino, enjoy choice cuts of meat and fine wine, all while sitting behind bars. Jailhouse Motel & Casino was built on the site of Ely’s first City Hall.

As the sign above explains, all that remains of the original Ely City Hall building is the firehouse bell and jail door.

The jailhouse once held “the toughest men of the west.” Now it’s throwing the book—well, menu—at patrons in a unique restaurant.

Diners at Cell Block Steakhouse eat like a jailhouse prisoner.

First, you take the long walk down jailhouse row.

Next, your host seats you inside a cell.


Each cell features metal bars, wooden booths and western decor.

As this sign explains, men and women will be jailed together due to overcrowding.

The sheriff’s wife won’t tolerate “hanky panky” at this unique Nevada restaurant.

The good news is that the food is nothing like jailhouse slop.

The Shrimp Cocktail, above, is served with succulent Cajun boiled jumbo prawns and house made cocktail sauce.

Other starters include sauteed mushroom caps and chorizo-stuffed mushrooms.

The Gunslinger, above, is a 3/4-pound New York Steak, broiled to order.

Other items on the menu include various tender cuts of steak, barbecue items, seafood and dessert. Prices for entrees range between $20 and $30.

A meal in the slammer never tasted so good.

Oh, and don’t forget …

The unique Nevada restaurant, Cell Block Steakhouse, serves dinner from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

It is located inside the Jailhouse Motel & Casino, 211 5th Street, Ely.

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