There’s A Tiny Town In Nevada Completely Surrounded By Breathtaking Natural Beauty

Nevada has many tiny towns spread out throughout the state and while they may be small, they are full of state history, natural allure and fun things to do. This tiny town is surrounded by some of Nevada’s most beautiful state parks.

Caliente, which means “hot” in Spanish, got its name from some local hot springs. The town’s population was 1,130 people (2010 census count).

The town is located on the eastern side of the state in Lincoln County, not far from the Utah border. It’s about a 2-1/2 hour drive to Caliente driving north from Las Vegas.

Caliente is close to three of Nevada’s most beautiful natural spaces, all of which are uniquely different from the other. The first is the Rainbow Canyon Rock Art site, where you can see 10,000-year-old paintings.


Located two miles away from Caliente is the Kershaw-Ryan State Park, which is one of Nevada’s smaller and less-trafficked state parks.

Kershaw-Ryan State Park is a heavenly piece of property with a lovely rose, flower and fruit tree garden and a natural spring-fed pond surrounded by high cliffs.

There are also some hiking trails in the 263 acres of the park, and it’s a perfect spot for picnicking and camping. It’s a known spot for viewing wild horses as well.

Blooming Joshua Trees are a familiar site on the roads around Caliente.

Caliente is also about 20 minutes from the Cathedral Gorge State Park. This park is known for it’s unusual towering rock formations.

Photographers love Cathedral Gorge, as well as hikers, campers and bikers. It’s a good spot for exploring slot canyons of which there are several in the park.

Back in town, Caliente is also known for the exquisite Spanish style government building that was restored from an old train station from the early 1900s.

The building also houses a museum featuring local history.

Caliente is located off US-93. It can be reached from Las Vegas by taking the I-15 North to the US-93 North.

Or you can reach it from US-50 driving east to US-93 South