Indulge In Dutch-Style Baked Goods At Schat’s Bakery & Cafe, A Northern California Favorite For 30 Years

If you’re a fan of Dutch-style baked goods, chances are the Schat name is already familiar with you – if not, it should be! Here in California (and Nevada,) the name is synonymous with delicious baked goods. Members of the Schat family operate bakeries in several locations across the West, including three in the quaint community of Ukiah. It all started nearly 30 years ago, but the love for Schat’s Bakery & Cafe has never dwindled. For some delicious bread, pastries, and breakfast and lunch options, check out this wonderful Dutch bakery in Northern California.


For the Schat family, making delicious bread is in the blood. The family’s tradition of baking started in Holland in 1893, moving with them to the U.S when they came searching for the American Dream in the 1950s. Today, Schat’s is just as popular, especially in the little town of Ukiah.

Ukiah is home to not just one but three Schat’s bakeries, the first of which opened in 1991. The guys who started it all, Brian and Zachary (sons of Jack Schat Jr.,) had a dream of starting up a neighborhood bakery in this humble NorCal town, and they did exactly that. It’s been nearly 30 years and the Ukiah bakery has expanded to three locations with nearly 50 employees.

It may be well into the 21st century, but Zach and his family are as committed as ever to providing that authentic Schat’s quality that started in Holland over 120 years ago. Using traditional family recipes, the bakery puts an Americanized twist on many classic items.


Schat’s is far from your typical bakery and the menu is vast. They specialize in everything from bread and pastries to sandwiches and burritos. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something light to snack on or something hearty to fill you up.

However, the focus is definitely on bread at Schat’s Bakery, and it shows. Using all-organic flour, there are a plethora of different loaves to choose from. Cheesebread, sourdough, caraway rye, cranberry walnut – you simply can’t resist picking up a few loaves to take home with you when stopping in for a bite.

Best of all, guests are made to instantly feel like part of the Schat family from the moment they walk through the door. Whether you’re dropping in for a quick cinnamon roll or dining out on the gorgeous outdoor patio, you’ll be treated like a regular during your time in this wonderful family bakery.

There’s a reason Schat’s Bakery has become one of the largest small businesses in Ukiah. You’ll just have to stop on by and experience the magic of Schat’s baking for yourself! Visit their website to take a look at the menu for each of the bakery’s locations.

Address: 113 W Perkins St, Ukiah, CA 95482, USA