There’s A Little Known Unique Natural Bridge In Nevada And It’s Truly Amazing


Mother Nature is constantly surprising us with the beautiful wonders that she produces. Especially in Nevada, there’s no shortage of unique geologic oddities to explore. However, one of the most stunning is this natural bridge hiding in Red Rock Canyon. The bridge is the result of thousands of years of erosion, so seeing it with your own eyes is a must for any nature lover. Pictures just don’t do this gorgeous natural wonder justice, so consider seeking it out for yourself!

Located within Red Rock Canyon, Bridge Mountain is a little-known treasure that every adventurer should get to know at some point. Named after the impressive natural sandstone arch which can be found near the summit, this is a rewarding trek that you’ll never forget.

Red Rock is full of stunning geological features. However, the arch is one of the most unique. The natural bridge resembles something you might see in Arches National Park in Utah, but it’s not so common in Nevada.

The hike to the summit of Bridge Mountain is quite the journey. It definitely has its challenges, but it’s more than worth the effort for the amazing scenery you’ll come across. A marked trail leads hikers along the mountain’s crest, across rocky terrain and a plethora of scrambles.


The trail is well-marked, but you’ll feel as if you’re traversing an obstacle course in some areas. However, it’s definitely manageable if you just take your time and enjoy the trail.

Once you arrive at the arch, you’ll be in total amazement of just how stunning it is in person. It’s estimated to be about 30-feet high and it even boasts a lovely watering hole at its base.

The bridge is the remains of an old tinaja (basically a pothole filled with water) that eroded and left this amazing remnant behind. Although this is by far the only arch in Red Rock Canyon, it’s certainly the most impressive.

The journey to the arch on Bridge Mountain may be slightly strenuous, but the payoff of seeing this unique natural wonder with your own eyes is the perfect reward. Its incredible features like this that remind us just what amazing things Mother Nature is capable of.

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