Election commentary

by Marty Carlson
November 7, 2020

We have seen a lot of drama this week, and still have not got a final result in the elections like we deserve.

Four years ago, we saw a bunch of snowflakes heads blow off when Donald Trump got elected. It was a disgusting site to see.

At this point it saddens me to say that it appears that all the Donald Trump fans and followers are doing the same thing now.

There is so much emotion involved, for some reason, in these elections. And Nevada’s population is only about 3 million people, and only maybe half are resgistered voters and they still cannot get the votes tabulated. it is what it is.

There are so many dramatic things that are brought out and many people are enjoying the attention they are receiving because of it.

There may be some truth to what some of these people are saying, but that will all come out in the end sooner or later.

But at this point all the conspiracy theories that are flying around social media and everywhere else are getting ridiculous and it needs to stop for our own mental health and for each other’s.

We heard so much drama about Hunter Biden and his China deal and the connection to Joe Biden and his brother. Tucker Carlson had a massive thing going on with the package that was sent to him with the documents was torn open at the UPS distribution center. And then to come to find out they found the flash drive on the ground of that distribution center.

So apparently, he has those documents now that he made so much drama about, but why isn’t he talking about them anymore. Why is it all quiet about that and they have not been revealed after all of Tucker Carlson’s drama.

Do not get me wrong I normally like Tucker Carlson though he is extreme at times. But this appears to be nothing more than a rating grab that all of the major media outlets are involved in and we constantly complain about, I do not see any difference in what they did.

Also, the same thing could be said for Rudy Giuliani and all the drama that has made on the eve of the election, now nothing has been revealed talked about OR said since. Especially now the election appears to be going to Joe Biden.

I enjoy many of the things that are constantly sent to me, and a filter through them because some of them are obviously agenda driven self-serving drama. We need to stop and think if there is something underhanded going on it will be discovered or there is nothing that can be done.

We need to stop acting like snowflakes and just realize it is what it is.

Donald Trump was my choice in this election, and I am disappointed, and concerned about the future and the dogma attached to the parties is going to be coming into power.

And if people think that there is this massive conspiracy going on it would have to be a nationwide conspiracy not just in a few states base because Joe Biden received a lot of votes. And most of them were in the highly populated city areas, where Donald Trump took most of the rural areas.

It’s also interesting to me that there are a few states like Nevada and Arizona, that were once conservative states and now elect Democratic leaders. The only explanation I have for that is the people that have relocated from massively plagued states like California.

The bottom line is it is what it is, and we need to just accept what these elections have produced unless there’s some actual definitive information that is revealed very soon.

We need to stay classy America and stop acting like snowflakes because we are not.


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