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You Have To Visit The One Place In Northern California That Defies Physics

There’s a place that truly seems to go against all rules of the universe right here in Northern California. Confusion Hill is a little roadside attraction located amid towering Redwoods. It looks wholly out of place in its remote setting and although it appears to be one of those attractions where the owners are merely looking for a quick buck, that is simply not the case here. Confusion Hill truly defies physics, and you could spend hours getting your mind boggled here.


Confusion Hill is reminiscent of the classic roadside attractions that sprang to popularity during the 1940s. That’s partially because the attraction was originally opened in 1949 and it’s been entertaining (and confusing) people ever since.
The attraction is located off of US 101 near the town of Piercy in Mendocino County.
Confusion Hill is most prominently home to “The Gravity House” but also contains several smaller and just as kitschy wonders like the “World’s Tallest Freestanding Redwood Chainsaw Carving”.

There are several amusements to explore at the attraction.
Kids will love The Redwood Shoehouse which was originally used
as a float in Fort Bragg’s 1946 Fourth of July Parade.

The attraction was built after World War II by George Hudson who had a love for all things weird. He believed that there are several places in Northern California where nature defies its own laws and that this phenomenon is a brief glimpse into the magical wonders of the universe.

The fact that Confusion Hill is located among the towering redwoods just adds to the wondrous quality of this attraction.
Redwoods themselves are mind-bending things of nature.
You can even observe a fallen redwood stump’s rings which are labeled with different historic events, dating back 950 years.

However, the main attraction is the Gravity House and it’s definitely something you do not want to miss.


As soon as you enter the small wooden structure,
you’ll experience a strange optical illusion which makes other people appear tilted.
Explore all of the weird illusions that are located in the house,
including a chair which you can easily sit down in but may have trouble getting out of.

Other attractions include a Mountain Train Ride which takes you on an incredible 30 minute ride through the redwoods.

If you have an interest in the weird and bizarre wonders of the world, you definitely need to make a trip to Confusion Hill.

Confusion Hill is located at 75001 U.S. 101 Piercy, CA 95587. They are open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


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