A Simple Half-Mile Trail Takes You Directly To Hollow Falls

A Unique Waterfall In Northern California


At Table Mountain in Oroville, most people come to see the spectacularly photogenic Phantom Falls. But wait, there’s another gorgeous waterfall that you should be aware of, known as Hollow Falls. Although smaller than the better-known Phantom Falls, this unique little waterfall is so worth the short trek it takes to find it. Just be sure to time your visit correctly and you’ll be left in awe of this waterfall’s simple beauty.

Hollow Falls is one of the smaller waterfalls on Table Mountain in Oroville, but its powerful stream and elegant beauty are more than worth seeing for yourself. Considering the trail is so short and easy, there’s simply no reason not to!

The hike to Hollow Falls is just .5-mile long, so the entire adventure is one-mile round-trip.

To find the trailhead, park at Table Mountain at 2488 Cherokee Road.

From here, head towards the large tree that’s located right outside of the parking lot.

It’s the only one around, so it’s easy to spot!

After reaching the tree, simply follow the signs that take you straight to the falls.

The trail winds through lush pastures that go on for as long as the eye can see and the views are exquisite.

In the spring and summer, the area is covered in vibrant wildflowers.

Table Mountain just exudes pastoral beauty.

You’ll likely even see some cows during your adventure!

The result of ancient lava flows, this unique landscape is a true hidden gem of Butte County.

In next to no time, you’ll come across the beautiful Hollow Falls.

The trail leads you right to the top of the falls,

but you can climb down to the base by following the trail that switchbacks down the cliff.

The tricky thing about Hollow Falls is that it’s only flowing during the wet season or after a rainfall,

so be sure to time your visit accordingly.

Otherwise, you may experience a dried-up waterfall.

The view of Hollow Falls in full flow does not disappoint!

For an easy, kid-friendly waterfall hike in Oroville, check out the trail to Hollow Falls.

It makes for a quick adventure by itself or after viewing nearby Phantom Falls.

Did you know about Hollow Falls on Table Mountain?

This little unique waterfall is absolutely gorgeous!

Address: Table Mountain, California 95965, USA