2. Bill DeBlasio (New York)

This was another almost neck-and-neck call, but Mayor de Bolshevik aka Marxist Mayor Marfan is still forced to take second string.

At the beginning of the “15 days to stop the spread”, Mayor Marfan decided there needed to be a tip line to report New Yorkers who were not observing social distancing.

How do you report places that aren’t enforcing social distancing? It’s simple: just snap a photo and text it to 311-692. #AskMyMayor

— Mayor Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) April 18, 2020

It went over as well could be expected, as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported:

“Here we are just a few days later, and the New York Post is reporting that the text line has been “flooded” with obscene photos, comparisons of de Blasio to Hitler, and links/photos to the reports of him going to the gym as other New York residents were told to hunker down.”

De Bolshevik made a big show of painting a Black Lives Matter street mural in the wake of the George Floyd Summer of unrest, and he spearheaded the successful defunding of the police, while watching crime rates spike out of control as a result.

Marxist Mayor Marfan is a despised man, even by the state’s governor, who is no peach himself. Democrat Max Rose called him the worst Mayor in the history of the country:

“A fellow city Democrat, Rep. Max Rose, was fuming during an interview about the mayor’s performance when he delivered an insult… De Blasio, Rose said, is the worst mayor “in the history of this great country.” ⁦@NYCMayor⁩ ⁦@NYCFirstLady

— Michael Tammero (@FOXlightMichael) August 9, 2020

Apparently Mayor Marfan continues to double down on that title with pride, pretending to care by beclowning himself with videos about mask usage. While making plans to stiff the Orthodox Jewish community on getting vaccinations, even though he has personally blamed them for the COVID spread in the city.

You look up “Horrible Human” in the dictionary, and de Bolshevik’s photo is more than likely next to it.

You look up “Useless Tool”, and you’ll find a picture of this West Coast treasure who took the No. 1 spot.

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  1. Finally, iL Duci Newsomlini has reached the epitome of the deranged politician, “Useless Tool”.

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