Troopers Caught, Freed an Accused 14-Year-Old Syracuse Killer Without Knowing It


Troopers chased a stolen vehicle driven by a 14-year-old at high speeds through Syracuse’s northern suburbs 11 days ago, eventually catching up after the young driver crashed in Oswego County.

What troopers had no way to know at the time of the early Jan. 22 police chase was that at least one of the car’s three occupants had allegedly murdered an 84-year-old woman only hours before.

Jahkim Robinson, the charged murder suspect, was one of the three 14-year-olds in the stolen car when it crashed in the early hours that Friday. That chase began roughly 12 hours after investigators believe Eva Fuld, the murder victim, had been stabbed and beaten inside her Syracuse apartment.

Now, investigators are looking at whether the other teens charged in the police chase also participated in Fuld’s murder. Only Jahkim has been arrested so far, though police have said in court papers that he wasn’t alone during the robbery-turned-murder.

At the time of the police chase, however, there was no evidence linking any of the teens to the murder, Trooper Jack Keller told | The Post-Standard on Tuesday. Fuld’s body had not been found yet.

All three were released after the car chase on non-violent stolen property charges. Under law, such charges against 14-year-olds are automatically sealed and sent to Family Court.

That troopers had an accused killer in their custody and let him go only became clear days later, after Jahkim was arrested by Syracuse police for the murder on other evidence, Keller said. City police eventually connected the dots and asked state police for information on the police chase.