This Down-Home Saloon In Nevada Is A Real Diamond In The Rough That You’ll Want To Visit

The next time you find yourself on the hunt for a mighty fine meal,

go ahead and make a beeline for the rustic eatery known as Mountain Springs Saloon.

Granted, this place looks pretty rough on the outside.

However, this down-home saloon has become famous for its delicious food,

rustic vibe, and the friendly company.

Don’t let its appearance fool you.

This place is a real diamond in the rough and it’s a must for any hungry Nevadan.

Take part in a time-honored Nevada tradition when you dine at the humble eatery known as Mountain Springs Saloon.

Tucked away in Mountain Springs Canyon, in between Pahrump and Blue Diamond,

the saloon may look pretty rough n’ tumble on the outside, but it’s a whole lot of deliciousness on the inside.

Mountain Springs Saloon has been serving up tasty food and ice cold beverages since the 1950s.

In particular, it’s been a popular spot among bikers traveling through the area

and in need of a hearty meal and some chill vibes.

However, don’t be fooled by its biker bar appearance.

Anybody can come and enjoy some yummy food at Mountain Springs Saloon.

Sitting in the mountains at over 5,000-feet in elevation,

it’s the perfect escape from the desert during the hot summer months.

On the menu is a wide variety of delicious, homestyle dishes.

With choices including Chicken Gumbo, Chicken Alfredo,

and a loaded Spaghetti Plate, there’s truly something for everyone.

However, their burgers are a must.

Try out their classic cheeseburger, or go for one of their heartier options.

The Gangster-D Burger is comprised of sautéed onions, mushrooms, bacon, cheese, and jalapeños.

The Zombie is for the super hungry individual, containing double beef, bacon, and cheese.

Their barbecue is equally well-loved!

Check out their Smoked Tai-Trip Sandwich, BBQ Pulled Pork,

Smoked Brats, or Smoke Turkey Sliders for some dang good BBQ that is bound to satisfy.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to participate in the tradition of newcomer’s pinning a personalized dollar bill to anywhere in the bar.

This way there will always be a little piece of you at this iconic Nevada tradition.

Address: 19050 NV-160, Las Vegas, NV 89161.