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DMV Mistakenly Issues Driver’s License With Photo Of Woman Wearing Face Mask

Sacramento woman was excited to receive her new Real ID until she opened it up and saw the driver’s license photo shows her wearing her face mask.

Lesley Pilgrim received the ID in the mail with a greeting reading, “Congratulations, enclosed is your newly designed California driver license.”

“I knew the picture was not going to be good because license pictures are never good, but I did not expect the picture to be with my mask on,” Pilgrim said.

Pilgrim says the day she went to the Department of Motor Vehicles for the photo, she recalls not wanting to risk taking her mask off without explicit instructions, for fear she’d be sent to the back of the three-hour line.

“They were very strict,” Pilgrim said. “So I’m going to be very compliant, and listen, and follow every instruction, maybe to a fault.”


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