Sleep Underneath The Forest Canopy At This Epic Treehouse In Northern California

Sometimes some truly great things come in small packages.
That’s definitely the case when it comes to this quaint yet epic treehouse located deep in a Northern California forest. If you’re looking for a remote getaway, search no longer.
This amazing cabin in the trees is something you need to experience right away.
Take a look at this one-of-a-kind experience, and be ready to pack your bags!
Located in an extremely remote area of Northern California’s Six Rivers National Forest near Gasquet, this enchanting treehouse gives a whole new meaning to the word “camping”.

The treehouse is part of an off-grid village,
which is a small community that calls itself a “sustainable living project”.

The private treehouse overlooks a seemingly endless forest in this community’s incredibly isolated setting.

If you’re looking for peace and quiet…this is it.
The one-room cabin is quaint but it’s all you will need,
especially in such a gorgeous setting.

This is no hotel. Staying in the treehouse is an adventure that you should definitely be prepared for, but it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

The treehouse does not contain electricity and it’s recommended that you bring your own lights.
The treehouse has two beds:
one queen futon and a double loft bed.
Although the treehouse is part of the village community,
it’s located in a separate area which affords guests some privacy.
The shared bathhouse is equipped with all the necessities and not much more.

It’s just a step above camping.
There is no WiFi and restricted phone service.
This experience may not be for everyone,
but it’s perfect if you want to know what it’s like
to completely immerse yourself in NorCal’s beautiful wilderness areas.
Guests of the treehouse have access to the outdoor community kitchen.
Stocked with pots, pans, utensils, and a propane camping stove,
it’s all you need to prepare food while talking with the other village members.

You’ll definitely find yourself exploring the tiny village and the gorgeous surroundings.

The nearest redwood forest is just a quick drive away
and there are plenty of hiking opportunities to take advantage of.
Most definitely take your time exploring the land.
There are many streams and waterfalls to discover in this incredible area.
Spending the night in this adorable treehouse is sure to bring out the kid in you.
If you consider yourself an adventurer, you’ll definitely enjoy a getaway in this remote setting.

The treehouse is open to rentals on Airbnb, which you can visit here.