A Little-Known Place In Nevada That’s Perfect To Get Away From It All

If you’ve ever felt the need to find yourself some peace and quiet away from the stress of your busy life, consider taking a trip to an “out of the way” spot to immerse yourself in nature. Nevada has many small, low-key towns where you can “bring it down a notch” and just relax and rejuvenate your soul. Hidden Canyon Retreat, in Baker, is one such lovely place.

Hidden Canyon Retreat (aka Hidden Canyon Ranch) is located in Baker, NV, just 19 miles from the Great Basin National Park.

The retreat is a courtyard-style hotel.

It’s definitely “hidden.” You have to drive down a winding six mile dirt road to get to it.

The property covers 375 acres. Local wildlife such as wild turkeys and mule deer can be seen wandering along the grounds. They also usually have ranch animals around, such as goats, cows and dogs.

The rooms are set up like typical hotel rooms but the retreat itself operates like a bed and breakfast. You can add a sack lunch and a dinner to your room cost if you wish.

The area is truly lovely. You can wander in the peace and quiet, enjoying the natural beauty.

You can visit nearby Great Basin National Park to enjoy hiking on their amazing trail system.

The retreat also rents ATVs you can use to explore the surrounding areas (they are not allowed within Great Basin National Park).

If you love fishing, there’s a pond on the property. Or you can just sit by the lake and relax!

There’s a fruit orchard on the property as well that you are free to explore.

Another favorite activity is star gazing. Because of the low levels of artificial light, this area of the state is the perfect place to see the night sky.

Hidden Canyon Retreat is closed from mid-November until mid-March due to the weather.

They are located off of Utah State Highway 21 on Country Road 42. Driving during the day is strongly recommended as there are very few signs or lights and it may be very difficult to find at night.