8 Surefire Signs That You Belong In Northern California

They say home is where your heart is. Even Tony Bennett gets it. He left his heart in San Francisco and generations know what he really means – there’s no greater feeling than knowing you belong. We all crave it and few places deliver as well as Northern California does. There are a few key things that cause even the newest NorCal folks to click their heels and shout, “There’s no place like home!”

1. You’ve got a BART ticket in your wallet.

Heading to an A’s game? Or maybe an off-Broadway show in the city? Either way, this baby is in your wallet.

2. You’ve got a friend who works at Google.

Admit it. You know someone in Northern California who works for Google, wants to work for Google, or once worked for Google.

3. You drive an electric car.

Want to feel like you belong? Get yourself an electric car. Charging stations are popping up all over the place here in Northern California.

4. The back bumper of that car is covered in stickers.

You want to belong? Stick a few dozen bumper stickers on your vehicle. Just make sure no bugs are harmed in the making of your point.

5. You go to Giants games.

Who doesn’t love a Giants game? Anyone who’s NOT from here, that’s who. The rest of us are all in – and know we belong here.

6. Your other car is a bicycle.

Take a look around this part of our state and you’ll see someone on a bicycle. It’s our other car in the garage. We know it and aren’t ashamed to admit it.

7. Your wallet is empty…pretty much always.

Things cost more out this way. We know it…and we’re not complaining. We love where we live.

8. Your food goes from farm to table.

We dig all things whole and delicious. That includes all veggies and fruits. We Northern Californians get our produce at farmers markets.

What is it about Northern California that tells you that you belong? Share it with all of us below. We want to know!

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