Walk Right Through A Waterfall On This Northern California Hike That’s Anything But Ordinary


It’s one thing to hike to an overlook of a waterfall, but it’s another thing entirely to actually walk through one. You can do exactly that on this truly mesmerizing hike in Hetch Hetchy Valley. This region of Yosemite National Park is a real national treasure, and exploring it is a must for any nature enthusiast. Considered one of the most popular hikes in the valley, the trail to Wapama Falls will lead you through the most breathtaking scenery before leading you to a bridge where you’ll walk through a waterfall. It’s an experience unlike any other so be sure to add it to your bucket list right away!

The crowds can be hard to escape at Yosemite National Park, but Hetch Hetchy provides a wonderful respite in a remote region of the park. It’s here you’ll find the tranquil Wapama Falls Trail which will lead you right through a waterfall.


The trail boasts some surprisingly stunning scenery despite the fact that it’s a relatively simple, 4.6-mile trail. You don’t have to be a seasoned hiker to enjoy the jaw-dropping views of Hetch Hetchy’s most magnificent spots.

The trailhead is also pretty easy to find. From the parking lot, you’ll cross O’Shaughnessy Dam before coming to a tunnel. The tunnel will lead you right to the Wapama Falls trailhead.

As soon as you start off on the trail, you’ll witness the magnificent beauty that the valley has to offer. Waterfalls are flowing all around you, and you’ll also come across the iconic rock formation known as Kolana Rock.

After a couple of miles, you’ll begin making your way down some rock steps. This portion of the trail is considered the most strenuous, so be sure to take your time. After all, you’ll definitely want to spend a few moments taking in the view.

After you’ve completed the stairs, you’ll come across the bridge which leads you right across Wapama Falls. At 1,080-feet-high, getting to walk right through this towering waterfall is a real treat. Just be prepared to get wet!

Crossing the bridge when the waterfall is raging directly above you is an experience unlike any other. You may come out the other side completely soaked, but it will all be totally worth it.

If you’d like to extend your hike after Wapama Falls, you can continue on the trail which ultimately leads you to Rancheria Falls. Along the way, you’ll experience even more spectacular views of the valley, mountains, and waterfalls that reside in this little-known slice of paradise.

Wapama Falls flows all year-round, so this hike is a must for anybody no matter what time of year it is. This is one seriously unique hike that you’re bound to love, so start making plans to accomplish it soon.

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