What Every Small Town In Northern California Had In The 1930s – It Was A Simpler Time

Back in the day, people lived slower, more simple lives, without the benefit of modern technology. The chaos of a million things didn’t seem to derail them from what was important, because that was all that they had time for. As much as I love my modern conveniences, it seemed like people back then had their priorities pretty straight. I think it would be a nice time to visit, don’t you?

1. Mobile Homes

Yuba is where you would’ve found these neighbors. Everyone needs a home to call their own.

These folks appreciated the mobile home life even before it was popular.

2. U.S. Post Office, Auburn

Neither rain nor snow…I love the shot of these old cars in this photo. Looks like finding a parking space has always been a struggle.


3. Police Officer, San Francisco

San Francisco has been the meeting place for protesters for generations. Great job security for the police department.

4. Farm Workers Co-op, Tulare County

Wonder how many conversations took place between farm workers here in this very store.

5. Doctor, Northern California

This doctor is examining a migrant farm worker’s son. Dr. Welby lived in NORCAL it seems.


6. Library

The library. One of those magical places almost all of us can remember in our own childhood.


7. Nursery School

Tiny tots dropped off by their parents who worked the farms was a common thing. Both parents needed to do all they could to scrape up enough to live during the Great Depression.


8. Sunday School


God has always been a BIG part of a lot of our lives…even in San Francisco. Sunday school is still a thing.


9. Grocery Store, Loomis

Here’s where you went to pick up everything under the sun. Pretty much a depression-era Walmart.


10. Preschool

These youngsters were part of the preschool class. I can imagine it was tough for parents to leave their kids for work even back then.

There’s a lot we can learn from the simpler times. Maybe turning off our TV tonight or even our iPhones for a few hours is a step in the right direction. The more we protest the more we probably need to do just that.

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