The Creepy Small Town In Nevada With Insane Paranormal Activity

Virginia City is the county seat of Storey County, Nevada. Located just 36 miles south of Reno, Virginia City sprang to prominence in 1859 with the discovery of the famed Comstock Lode. During its heyday, 25,000 people lived in the tiny town. After 1878, the town declined, as did the population. Today, Virginia City—just shy of one square mile in area—is home to approximately 855 residents. It is a town steeped in Nevada mining history and is said to be the most haunted in the entire state. Here are several of the town’s areas of insane paranormal activity.

The Old Washoe Club

According to legend, this building is quite haunted. Among the reported paranormal activity include the ghost of a prostitute haunting the main spiral staircase, the spirit of a little girl playing in the basement, and the ghost of a drunken miner causing mischief in the bar.

Silver Terrace Cemetery

In a haunted town, a haunted cemetery seems par for the course. Many visitors have reported seeing a glowing headstone, a little girl who wanders through the cemetery, and several floating blue orbs.

Knights of Pythius Hall

Built in 1876, this building is also known as the E. Clampus Vitus Building. Legend has it that the Knights of Pythius were known for their vigilantism. Paranormal experts claim this building emits the most sinister energy in all of Virginia City when an investigator was mysteriously thrown out of an upstairs women’s bathroom.

The Fourth Ward School

Built in 1875 with 14 classrooms to accommodate 1,025 students, the last graduating class was in 1935. Many floating orbs have been seen and documented in the school, and a former teacher named Suzette is said to haunt the grounds.

The Silver Queen Hotel and Casino

Room 11 has the most paranormal activity allegedly due to a prostitute who committed suicide in that room’s bathroom. Many orbs have been seen and photographed in the darkness, and tapping noises are frequently heard from the room. Other documented paranormal activity include rattling chains, moving furniture, and items falling from shelves. Even more creepy is a door near the wedding chapel that supposedly leads to what used to be a morgue.

The MacKay Mansion

The MacKay Mansion allegedly contains several apparitions. Among them: a miner who was killed in the gazebo during the great fire of 1875; another man seen in the gazebo; a little girl named Elizabeth dressed in white; a man smoking a pipe in the parlor; and a woman who haunts the dining area and carriage house.

Piper’s Opera House

Built in 1863 and rebuilt twice after two fires, the paranormal activity in this historic building includes a woman’s apparition floating across the balcony, the ghost of John Piper smoking his pipe on the second floor and gazing out the window, and several voices from the past.

St. Mary’s Art Center

Built in 1864 and formerly known as the St. Mary Louise Hospital, an 1873 fire resulted in several deaths. Paranormal investigators have witnessed a man in a wheelchair sitting in the corner. Legend has it this man perished in the fire and haunts the building.

The Storey County Courthouse

Another building destroyed in the great fire and rebuilt, it is allegedly haunted by a man named Peter Larkin who was hanged behind the courthouse after being convicted of murder.

The Gold Hill Hotel and Saloon

Located just downhill from Virginia City, Gold Hill has its share of paranormal activity. Haunted by Rosie, a prostitute, and William, the former owner, guests have reported smelling Rosie’s perfume in Room 4, having their doors unlocked, smelling William’s cigar in Room 5, and the feeling that someone was sitting on the edge of the bed. There is also allegedly a little girl who haunts the third floor and tries to play with guests.

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