7 Bizarre Roadside Attractions In Northern California That Will Make You Do A Double Take

It’s no doubt that Northern California is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Did you know that it also is one of the quirkiest? There are tons of bizarre roadside attractions in this great place, and a drive in any direction is a fun and interesting exploration! From giant toys or fast food sculptures to important museums and monuments, roadside attractions are just one of the many things that make Northern California one of the best places in the county.

1. The Giant Green Olive, the Olive Pit, Corning

North of Sacramento but south of Redding is an amazingly delicious pit stop (pun intended!). The Olive Pit is dedicated to tapenade, oils, and more olive flavors than you could imagine. Visiting the giant green olive sculpture is definitely a must! There’s also wine tasting and a scrumptious deli at this spot.

2. Large Junk Art Sculptures, Cassel

You know what they say… one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. These impressive sculptures were made entirely from junk. It’s amazing what creative minds can produce with the means and the materials.


3. Largest grinding stone in the world, Lake Shasta

The residents of Lake Shasta must have had some pretty big knives that needed sharpening when they created this grinding stone. It’s located just to the side of a gas station and is one of the least apparent of these attractions – blink and you might miss it. Take the time to check it out, however, and you will be glad you did.

4. Shoe Tree, Highway 395 in Lassen County.

This isn’t the only tree in the country or even in Northern California with shoes tied up by the laces and hanging from the branches, but it is certainly the most impressive. Located on a remote highway in the middle of nowhere and decorated with a really incredible amount of shoes, this shoe tree is a sight to behold.


5. Giant Coke Cup, Sacramento.

Nothing is more American than Coca-Cola! This cool larger-than-life replica is an amazing opportunity for a photo. It’s located at the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Sacramento.


6. Clarke’s Collectibles & Lunchbox Museum, Nice

There’s a ton of fun knick-knacks scattered around this Northern Californian museum.

Take a trip down memory lane…

Chances are you might see your favorite lunch box from when you were a kid!

7. The largest yo-yo, Chico.

This amazing Northern California spectacle gained international attention when the Guinness World Records declared this is the largest yo-yo in the world.

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