Frustrated Looter Has To Wait Until The Next National Outrage To Liberate A TV

Following Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict on all 3 counts, riots have been called off across the country. Some freedom fighters have been frustrated by this as they had their eyes on some specific merchandise they wanted to liberate.

“I mean it’s good we got the verdict we wanted, I guess, but now I can’t loot — I mean liberate, that big screen TV tonight!” complained justice advocate Larry Smith. “Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait until the next outrage.”

Others like Larry complained that they got dressed for this and stood outside Target for hours for nothing. “I just feel kinda stupid now, I waited outside the store shouting all day and I didn’t even get to break anything or pick up some AirPods… for justice of course.” said mostly peaceful protestor Doug Flandel.

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