VIDEO: Gun Toting Patron Scares Black Lives Matter Protestors Harassing Restaurant

It’s not clear why Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors targeted the restaurant for harassment.

Black Lives Matter protesters began harassing restaurant customers, until one patron showed them that he was armed and was ready to defend himself.

“A Louisville restaurant patron put a bit of a scare into Black Lives Matter marchers Saturday night when video caught him pointing a handgun at the protesters in a wild scene amid tables on the sidewalk in front of La Chasse,” the Blaze reported based on reporting from the Courier Journal.

“Video of the confrontation begins with an image of the white-haired man in a blue dress shirt and light-colored pants standing near one of the outdoor tables and pointing a small handgun at the protesters, who are hollering and making gestures — but not daring to get anywhere near him,” the Blaze said.

“You’re not the only one with a gun” one BLM activist can be heard screaming, as some other activists appeared to be carrying firearms.

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