Texas AG Slams Police Department After Video Shows Officer Allegedly Allowing BLM to Block Traffic

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced an investigation after a video shot in Plano appeared to show a police officer allowing Black Lives Matter protesters and apparently armed Antifa-type agitators to block traffic before the officer reprimanded a driver who got out and confronted them.

“I instructed one of my top deputies to contact the Plano Police Chief to get more details. What he heard paints an even worse picture that the video alone depicts,” Paxton, a Republican, said in a statement on Monday.

The video went viral after OAN’s Jack Posobiec posted it via his Twitter account this week. It shows a man wearing a blue shirt telling the agitators to get out of the road before an officer tells him to get back away from the screaming protesters. He also is heard telling the officer, “Get these [expletive] people out of the way!”

Paxton’s statement asserted that Chief Ed Drain allegedly told the state attorney general’s office several different versions of what unfolded, including details about a weapon that an agitator was allegedly brandishing.

“First, the chief told my deputy that while the weapon drawn wasn’t a pistol, it was, in fact, a ‘pepper ball gun.’ In a separate conversation, the chief claimed it was a ‘Taser,'” the attorney general said. “In a recent Facebook post, the Department is now saying it was [an] ‘electronic control device.'”

He added, “Whatever it was, the police declined to pursue the leftist who brandished the weapon, and no charges are being pressed against him.”

Paxton then accused Drain of being “anxious to excuse the rioters” and said the chief allegedly told him that the police department has “to negotiate with these people.”

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