Officer Silvester (Left), LeBron James (Right)

Idaho Police Deputy who Mocked LeBron James in Viral TikTok Video Signs Book Deal

An Idaho deputy who joked about LeBron James is back to work after being punished.

Several weeks ago, LeBron James rushed to push his hatred of police officers in response to a heroic Columbus, Ohio police officer who stopped a black girl from possibly stabbing a black woman to death with a knife.

After embarrassing himself, James sort of apologized (but then walked it back, really only apologizing for taking the attention away from the violent girl fatally shot by police.)

In response, one Idaho police officer made a video on the social media site TikTok where he joked about calling the NBA player for advice on how to respond to violent situations.

The deputy, Nate Silvester, was first placed on leave, but now has a book deal and has returned to work, according to KTVB 7 confirmed.

“Silvester also told KTVB that he recently signed a book deal with Di Angelo Publications and that the working title of his book is “Never Off Duty,'” the local news organization reported.

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