“USPS lost Grandma” Her ashes got lost in the mail

A PACKAGE containing the ashes of Eugenia Yuspeh, a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor, has been missing since it was picked up May 4 by the U.S. Postal Service.

Arielle Yuspeh typed those words into Twitter late Wednesday afternoon, knowing it was an act of utter desperation. But the West Hollywood resident was running out of options.

It had been almost two weeks since her uncle Richard had gone to a post office near his home in Milwaukee, carrying an urn with the cremated remains of his mother, Eugenia Yuspeh. “We called her Nanya,” Arielle said of her grandmother.

At 97, Eugenia had been one of the oldest survivors of the Holocaust at the time of her death at an assisted living facility.She fled from Poland to Russia, and although she was never in a concentration camp, she was captured and sent to a work camp in Siberia.

Eugenia eventually escaped, met her husband, Albert, and gave birth to their first son, and the family made its way to America, moving first to New York and then to New Orleans. Later in life, she would move to Milwaukee to be closer to her son Richard.

Other members of her family weren’t so fortunate. Eugenia’s mother and three siblings were sent to the gas chamber. Two other siblings were killed in a death march.

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