These Mesmerizing Stone Labyrinths Are Some

Of Nevada’s Best Kept Secrets

Just when we think seen them all, another oddity pops right up! The next time you find yourself driving through Laughlin, be sure to keep an eye out for these incredible stone labyrinths. Hundreds of people pass by them every day without knowing they’re there, but these things are so bizarre that you’ll definitely want to see them with your own eyes.

Who’da thunk you could come across an actual labyrinth right outside of Laughlin, Nevada? It’s true. And there’s not just one, but several of them.


Located on the very southwest edge of town, the labyrinths can be found off of Highway 163. You’ll turn south onto Thomas Edison Drive and you can spot the labyrinths on your left, next to a big white storage tank. What you’ll see will blow you away!


These “labyrinths” actually appear to be handmade, stone mazes. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why these mazes were compiled, but they were put together by a man named Wes (who calls himself The Labyrinth Keeper).


A sign nearby explains all about these fascinating stone labyrinths. They were constructed using natural stones from the site and they contain layers of “energetic qualities”. Whether or not you’re into the spiritual aspect of these labyrinths, there’s definitely a mesmerizing quality about them.


The sign advises that you stand at the entrance of one of the mazes and make clear intentions of what you seek (such as better health, peace, etc.). You’ll then begin walking through the labyrinth and observing any feelings, impressions, or signs that may come over you.


Supposedly, different labyrinths give off different “energies”. Unlike the others, The Spiral begins in the center. As you stand in the center, you’ll think about whatever you’d like to release from your life. By walking counter-clockwise throughout the spiral, you “unwind the energy”.


Even if you have no intention of releasing or harnessing any “energies”, you have to admit there’s something charming about the fact that somebody took the time and effort to create these fantastic labyrinths on the side of the road.


If anything, the labyrinths make for an awesome place to get out of the car and stretch your legs for a bit. This odd little attraction just goes to show that Nevada is full of surprises!

Did you know these stone labyrinths even existed?

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