NASA Space Technology and Diabetes


What do NASA space technology and diabetes have in common? Quite a lot, actually.

The connection between NASA and diabetes technology was a featured topic at the recent Diabetes Technology Society annual meeting held Nov. 14-16 in Bethesda, MD. At that #2019DTM gathering, a NASA physician recapped some of the more notable tech overlaps through the years, and talked about current projects.

“You may wonder what NASA is doing here, and how space and diabetes fit together,” said Dr. Victor Schneider, research medical officer for NASA’s Biomedical Research and Countermeasures Program in Washington D.C. “NASA is a technology organization, and we’ve had an interest in diabetes and technology for a long time, because there have been specific applications that have applied to diabetes and personal health, and that’s important as we prepare for these missions.”

NASA is actively exploring health-related technologies as it envisions human-led missions to the moon in 2024 and to Mars by 2035, as part of their new space policy directive calling for human expansion of the solar system. Their research aims to better equip astronauts and spacecraft for future missions.

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