Unfortunately, I missed the front row seat to this one.

Pollyana Viana was waiting for an Uber in front of her apartment in Rio de Janeiro. A gentleman sat down next to her, a little too close for comfort, and asked her for the time. This was a dangerous neighborhood and Viana was getting bad vibes from this guy. She didn’t respond. Then he said, “This is a gun”, as he pulled out an object from his pocket covered by his other hand. “Give me your cellphone.”

Viana was not a patient woman or very sympathetic under the circumstances. She did what any 115 lbs. (53 kilos) professional mixed martial arts competitor would do. Viana stood up, punched him twice in the face, kicked him in the head and placed him in a choke hold.

A passerby called the police and took this photograph a minute or two later.

Viana also held onto the mugger’s weapon.

Apparently he was not sharp enough to notice the difference between a gun and a piece of cardboard.

There is a moral to this story.

If you are a mugger in training, do not choose a victim that is wearing a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) tee shirt.

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