Congenital genu recurvatum or backwards knee deformity is very rare orthopedic condition. It causes the knees To bend backwards.

Ella Harper, born in the 1800s was known to have been suffering from this condition. She was known as camel girl because she proffered to walk on all four limbs. Some newspapers also mentioned her to be part camel – part human.

The above image of Ella shows her proffered way of walking. Ella performed in circus as she could not get any other job because of her deformity.
She quit the showbusiness in 1886 and decided that she wanted to study.
Not much is known about Ella’s life and condition.
She was born in Hendersonville, TN and used to work with W.H Harris Nickel plate circus.

It is also believed that Ella got married in 1905 and died in 1921.

Above is another image of Ella in which she is trying stand straight.

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