Hearing 7/9/21 On Gov. Newsom Lawsuit Against SOS to Get Party ID on Recall Ballot

Newsom blew the deadline on a statute he signed into law in 2019

As the Globe reported last week, Governor Gavin Newsom filed a lawsuit against California Secretary of State Shirley Weber Monday asking the court to require the Secretary of State print Newsom’s political party on the recall ballots, after neglecting to file the proper party notice 16 months ago.

“Lawmakers who are the subject of a recall have the option to file a notice of party preference after the recall notice is first submitted, which for Newsom would have been 16 months ago in February 2020,” the Globe reported. “However, he didn’t file a notice with the Secretary of State’s office until June 19, 2021, well over a year past the deadline. Newsom’s team asked for the party to be listed on the ballot due to it being a ‘good faith mistake,’ but Secretary Weber stuck with the law.”

Before Senate Bill 151 passed and was signed by Newsom in 2019, politicians targeted in recalls were not allowed to have their party next to their names.

Newsom missed the deadline for requiring the Secretary of State to do so by 16 months.

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