The Quirkiest Town In Northern California That You’ll Absolutely Love

Northern California is home to all sorts of weird attractions and quirky towns. However, there is one town that might just be the quirkiest town in the state. This small town has many unique charms that you’re going to want to see for yourself. Check it out!

Bolinas is a tiny community of approximately 1,600 people tucked away in a corner of Marin County. This hidden gem of a town is not easy to get to but is totally worth it once you do.

 The single road into town on State Route 1 is quite narrow and aggressively winds around the side of a mountain. The locals, who are not fond of tourists, are also known for stealing helpful road signs. However, you won’t regret the trip once you get to Bolinas.

 The town’s unique charms are immediately apparent. Every building and house seems to have its own quirks. It becomes clear that Bolinas isn’t your average beach town.

 Bolinas has a thriving art community. Art seems to be everywhere you look! Visitors will even note that the number of art galleries is tremendous in relation to the size of the town.

 A visit to this town is simply not complete without a stop at the beach. The view is absolutely breathtaking! You’ll probably find that you never want to leave this beautiful getaway.

 All sorts of charming treasures are scattered throughout this coastal town. Bolinas calls themselves “A socially acknowledged nature-loving town,” and their message couldn’t be more prominent.

 The locals certainly strive to keep Bolinas a certain way which is all part of this town’s quirky charm. There’s no other place like this one, that’s for sure.

 The beauty of Bolinas is in its simplicity, but it’s the town’s eccentricities that make it so unique. You’ll never forget a visit to this sleepy beach town.

 Have you been to Bolinas?

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