Woman Rents Ex’s Car on Sharing App

Runs 49 Red Lights as Revenge

Breaking up with a significant other can send one’s emotions flying high and ultimately lead to less-than-sensible actions, some of which can often be illegal. That’s exactly what a woman from Zhejiang, China recently set out to do, and was eventually arrested for renting her ex-boyfriend’s car with the sole purpose of racking up traffic violations.

The woman, who is identified in local reports simply as Lou, is accused of carrying out a revenge plot against her ex by renting his Audi via a car-sharing app for $124 (800 yuan) per day and running red lights a total of not one, two, but 49 times(!) over a two-day span.

According to police, Lou’s ex-boyfriend Qian had recently broken up with her to pursue another relationship. This infuriated Lou, sending her down the slippery path of revenge that eventually led to the weird vehicular conspiracy.

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