The Oldest Lake In America Is Right Here In Northern California And It’s Amazing

When it comes to lakes in Northern California, there are a few major ones that come to mind. Tahoe, Shasta, and Whiskeytown are among the most popular. But what about Clear Lake? It’s by far one of the most unique lakes in California, and yet it’s vastly underrated. There are a lot of things to love about this incredible body of water, including the fact that it’s considered the oldest lake in America! How amazing is that? Keep reading to find out exactly how old this stunning lake is estimated to be.

Hiding in aptly named Lake County is the oldest lake in all of North America—Clear Lake. There are many things that make this lake unique, but its age is probably the most notable.


It’s estimated that lakes have existed at the site of Clear Lake for at least 2.5 million years.

How crazy is that? It’s mind boggling to think about how old Clear Lake actually is!


The lake how it appears now has existed for at least 480,000 years, making it the oldest in North America.

It also happens to boast 68 square miles of surface area which makes it the largest natural freshwater lake in California, as well.


Regardless of how old it is, Clear Lake is a magnificent destination to visit any time of year but particularly in the summer. Clear Lake State Park is located in Kelseyville on the western shore of the lake and it makes for the perfect jumping off point for your lake adventures.


The park contains all sorts of wonderful hiking trails including the Indian Nature Trail which passes through an old Pomo village and the Kelsey Creek Trail which highlights the park’s water fowl population.


Of course, the lake itself is the source of endless recreation. Clear Lake is a fisherman’s paradise and is considered one of the top bass fishing destinations in the West. And there are numerous little beaches along the lake’s shores which are perfect for lounging on.


Swimming, water skiing, boating, wakeboarding, you name it. Clear Lake is great for it all!


It’s hard to believe the oldest lake on the continent is hiding right here in Northern California, but here it is. Clear Lake is wonderful for many reasons and will continue to be one of our favorite destinations for years and years to come.

 Did you know Clear Lake was the oldest lake in North America?

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