A man who spent $30 million building a 3-mile wall between the US and Mexico is looking for someone to buy it

  • Tommy Fisher, 51, spent $30 million to build a 3-mile wall in Rio Grande, Texas.
  • It’s made up of 15,000 steel posts that run along the river separating US and Mexico in the area.
  • He’s now looking for someone to buy it, reported Bloomberg.

Last year, at a cost of $30 million, Tommy Fisher finished building a private 3-mile wall at the US-Mexico border in Texas. Now the 51-year-old is searching for someone to buy it, Bloomberg reported.

It’s looking to be a tough sell, especially since President Joe Biden has rolled back construction on his predecessor’s wall (though Biden’s chief of homeland security did say in April that the administration might try to fill “gaps” in the existing barrier). Just last month , Biden returned $2.2 billion to the military that had been allocated to building a wall under the Trump administration.

According to Bloomberg, Fisher’s wall, which runs along the Rio Grande, consists of “15,000 18-foot-tall steel bollards” spaced 5 inches apart.

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