Enjoy Views Of The Bay Bridge With A Burger

At The Legendary Red’s Java House

There are some restaurants that don’t even require an introduction – we’ll give ’em one anyway, though! Red’s Java House is a  legendary burger joint on the pier that has been serving up hearty eats since the 1950s. This place is far from flashy, but it’s the delicious food and the iconic setting that’s made it so beloved by locals and visitors alike. Here, you can enjoy views of the Bay Bridge while chowing down on one of the best greasy burgers around. Is there anything better than that?

Red’s Java House has been serving up food on Pier 30 since 1955. The no-frills eatery is emblematic of San Francisco’s working-class roots and is still to this day one of the city’s most beloved food joints.

Red’s is the type of place that brings in people from all walks of life and it’s easy to see why. The cheap but tasty food and the waterfront setting combine to make one memorable dining experience. Even the dingy appearance has an appealing charm to it.

When you think of San Francisco, sourdough is what comes to mind. Well, it only makes sense that Red’s famous food item is the sourdough cheeseburger. Their beef burgers are served on authentic San Francisco Sourdough with onions, pickles, and yellow mustard.

At just over $6, the hamburger is a cheap eat that satisfies on all fronts. In fact, we’d dare to say it’s one of the best burgers in Northern California! Add on a side of garlic fries or chili for a truly iconic meal.

Also on the menu are Red’s famous hot dogs, fish and chips, tuna fish sandwich, and an egg salad sandwich. Red’s keeps it simple and that’s just the way it should be.

You can enjoy your burger either indoors or outdoors. Either way, you’ll be granted an amazing waterfront view of the Bay Bridge. It doesn’t get more San Francisco than this!

Whether you’re visiting the city or a local, you should definitely treat yourself to a lunch trip to Red’s. Visit their website to see the full menu and learn more about the restaurant’s long history.

Have you been to Red’s Java House? What’s your order?
It’s easy to see why this place has become a San Francisco icon.
Address: Red’s Java House, Pier 30, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

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